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Mindfulness Education – What Is It and What Is the Impact It Creates

In the ancient Buddhist philosophy, mindfulness practices are deeply rooted in the practice of gratitude and self-awareness through the process of meditation, and we can start from here in order to understanding mindfulness education. This simple concept works in the description of teaching the brain through any activity to concentrate on a certain thing and at the same time being void of any judgment at the present moment.

You may not know it but there are mindfulness trainers who are most passionate and thoughtful of this practice but unfortunately are trapped and limited in their minds as to the execution of the practice.

The limitation comes in the sense that, according to some trainers, the various activities and practices in school like field trips, recess, and others can still be made into fun. The idea is pushing for a heightened awareness and concentration while kids are playing with words, music, colors, numbers, shapes, textures and smells, even if they are settling peacefully in their own space. In other words, we do not limit meditation to paying attention but by enjoying the process of teaching to kids.

The above concept revolves around the notion that kids want shortcuts just like some of us adults, and that they love games, they remember more things that are taught to them in a manner of enjoyment that will make them pay attention and allow their natural selves to be creative. Let us remember that children are very resourceful when it comes to the most insignificant concepts and objects if it comes to playing and giving them a free hand to play.

Mindfulness training inside the classroom is then encouraged by some mindful trainers to their fellow teachers to have a freer and no attachment of being done seriously the processes that they will be teaching the kids, and thus lighten up the education process.

According to mindful trainers, mindfulness is about the very essence of fun which is noticing new things, drawing distinctions, shifting perspectives and being present at the moment.

Further, the above contention is based on the fact that having fun means to really live in the moment, and apparently, kids have in this case already the tendency to be mindful.

It is thus can be concluded that with some guidance, plenty of humor, and sparks of creativity, a good teacher can be well on their way to become mindful trainers, on the condition that they are having with the process.

It is fair to say that competition and excellence in education are already creating stress not only for children but also to parents, however, with the practice of mindful education, the impact of the stressful life will have a cushion in the field of mindful education.

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